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Strap in for automation!

Lukas Hughes, Product Lead
Jul 1, 2019 - 3 minute read

Imagine a fully automated, analytical pricing that updates every hour. Imagine a free revenue management solution for everyone.Today, we’re making this a reality.


Before we get started - we’re renaming our current product to Pace | Navigator. We’re doing this to enable us to launch new functionality and products without worrying that we’re cluttering the interface or making it too expensive.

So, without further ado…

We’re launching automation!

Automation will come as standard in a new product plan that we call Pace | Autopilot. Here’s a look at some of the other exciting features, that come with this plan..


Sound too good to be true?

We’re hoping this will blow your mind, as much as it has for the customers who already piloted our automation feature. Here are some insights we have gathered from various properties that have been running on automation for the last month:

After just 5 days of being on automation, we were able to see a 2% increase in ADR for the coming two months.

For a seasonal property like us it is difficult to afford a revenue manager, so having a system like Pace that checks and updates prices 24/7 is so powerful.

I’m convinced that the human brain is not made to comprehend so many data points, the future in this area belongs to AI and machine learning. Period.

Even on weekends where we typically don’t update prices, Pace started to push more prices than on other days during the week, capturing demand unlike we were ever able to do before.

Surges in demand far out, which weren’t anticipated by the Revenue Manager, were identified and priced appropriately within minutes, making sure that the highest possible ADR was achieved.

Pace and automation made me realise that I’m holding back too much in regards to pricing. The result? ADR and RevPAR both are growing.

Oh, you thought we were done?

We’re always thinking about the many, many hotels who are still stuck in spreadsheets and rate-shopping. How can we show them the new world of revenue management with minimal effort on their part?

From the very beginning, we’ve offered a free month trial when you start working with Pace. That makes things easier - but is not enough. That’s why we’re launching an additional product plan which is free - forever.

To make sure we don’t break the bank on this new product plan, called Pace | Discovery, we needed to make a few changes. With Discovery Mode your dashboard will only update once a day and doesn’t come with forecasting or price suggestions. However, it still gives you what we think is by far the best revenue management tool you can get - all for €0.00.

For more details on our new plans, make sure to visit our pricing page here.

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