Emerald Stay meets Pace

Emerald Stay provide premium property management for luxury chalets, homes and villas across the Alps and Marrakech. Properties are managed on long term leases for private owners and rented out with some of the highest standards of quality and service.

The smart use of technology is one of the company’s cornerstones and the enabler of remote management. Their in-house tech team built a scalable platform that supports their entire lifecycle and allows them to provide a seamless, automated guest experience with an extremely lean operational cost structure. They are experts at handling all aspects of the rental process, from check-in and payments to continuous communication with guests, to ensure a luxury experience feel.

“Pace delivered a 15 percent increase in ADR and a 12 percent increase in occupancy…”

So the team were looking to adopt smart technologies to enable the remote management of their properties. They needed to build a scalable platform to provide automation and a lean operational cost structure, and a revenue management solution was a key part of this. Ultimately, they wanted access to more sophisticated pricing strategies to maximise their revenue.

Rapid implementation

By plugging in Pace via their Mews PMS, they were immediately able to automate their team, which brought substantial efficiency and productivity savings. When trying out solutions, Pace was able to deliver 30 percent more revenue vs the other RM solutions out there for apartments. With Mews and Pace, integration and implementation are truly seamless.

Instant results and increased efficiencies

Legacy property management systems have a straightforward way of pricing that doesn’t allow sophisticated customization. Emerald Stay wanted every opportunity to maximize their revenue. Pace Pricing finally introduced an advanced dynamic pricing strategy with the ability to easily tweak multiple rates, lengths of stays and input rate restrictions.

By switching on Pricing automation, Pace delivered a 15 percent increase in ADR and a 12 percent increase in occupancy (YoY) and Emerald Stay was able to become the leader in all their Apartment markets as a result.

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