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Hotel Unplugged meets Pace

Hotel Unplugged has already become Rotterdam’s most Instagrammable hotel after opening in 2019. With one of the best locations in the city, they have become the go-to spot in the Dutch city and have been early adopters of some of the most advanced tech around thanks to their Mews PMS. Guests are able to check in without any human interaction at all, even by simply using WhatsApp if they want.

Although Unplugged is a ‘hotel run by technology but driven by people’, getting the right tech stack in place was not so straightforward. We spoke to GM Joanne Uland about how they solved their revenue management shortcomings.

Old-school frustrations

“We used to use an agency for all our revenue management and it was one of those old-fashioned arrangements that nobody really checked. I started realising things were amiss as our prices were super low on holidays and then too high during random times. I was also having to call the consultant every day and manually change things myself.

So I decided to do a proper appraisal of our revenue setup and realised that it was a real mess. We were paying way too much money for an RM who was, essentially, not doing their job.”

Rapid implementation and instant results

“We needed a modern revenue management solution and Pace really stood out. RM is definitely not my forte and I needed something I could trust, was easy to use and that worked. Pace does exactly what it promises. In fact, Pace is the only¬†tech company we work with that I genuinely adore!

We decided to implement Pace several months after opening and figuring out the RM setup was totally off. When the time came, switching Pace on was super easy. Everything worked immediately and we had automated pricing working straight away.

For us it’s all about automation and efficiency savings and Pace has delivered that in droves. We are a boutique hotel and I am doing so many roles at the same time that it’s often difficult to juggle them all. With Pace I know that revenue management is being taken care of by their awesome platform.”

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