More than $100 billion of annual revenue would be added to the hospitality industry if it embraced the future of revenue management. Revenue management would also be more fun and exciting.

Our mission is to help unlock this opportunity by enabling the #RevenueRevolution.

Why do we need a revolution?

The Reality We Want: Revenue management is an amazing career. Your commercial impact is huge, and spans the entire business. You use bleeding edge technology to discover revenue opportunities, and capture them. Your work is strategic, and you naturally have a seat at the leadership table. Your career opportunities are endless.

The Reality We Have: You spend half of your time pulling reports from different systems and combining them in Excel to get an overview of the business. You then manually take corrective actions across multiple systems to hit KPIs that you have not been part of setting. Your impact is hard to measure and you have enough resources.

What is the #RevenueRevolution?

To capture the huge commercial opportunity presented to by the #RevenueRevolution we need to take decisive action within our companies, profession and industry to establish the following facts as self-evident and obvious.

  1. Revenue management deliver clear business impact
    By clearly demonstrating the incremental commercial growth we generate for our businesses we will more easily justify investment and strategic initiatives.
  2. Revenue management drives total revenue & profit
    Revenue management optimises the entire customer lifecycle, in support of multiple business areas, and gets as close to the bottom line as possible.
  3. Revenue management builds strategy and innovation
    Revenue management is often the natural owner of business intelligence and data-driven decisions. This is a foundation from which to build strategy and innovation.

What is the role of Pace?

Pace was founded in 2017 to build a Revenue Platform that has been designed, from the ground up, for the needs of the #RevenueRevolution. Our mission is to deliver the platform which enables revenue teams to make the switch to Revenue Management 2.0.

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