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Make use of Pace’s industry-leading forecasting capabilities to improve your group quotation process today.

"So far we've beaten budget and last year by around 18%. We don't waste time talking about it - we just get on with it. We need to as an industry go back to that primary focus on customers."

Increase confidence when quoting groups

The process of combining reports and forecasts require a high level a of diligence. Pace streamlines this process and compiles all relevant data points for yor team to make decisions more confidently.

  • Understanding Displacement

    Displacement analyses can quickly grow in complexity. To understand these driving forces, Pace breaks down the full displacement analysis for you and your team to review.

  • Streamlined Process

    No need to pull data from different systems when running a Displacement Analysis. Pace guides you through all relevant questions before enabling you to review what rates would help you to maximise your revenues.

  • What-If Scenarios

    Pace provides you with detailed forecasts on an inventory level, helping you to explore how different configurations of your rooms and rates would maximise the revenue of a group.

Pace Revenue Management Team
Do your revenues have room for improvement?

Not being too sure of anything is the beginning of greatness. Our exceptional science team contains a combined 100 years of research and they're still learning every day. Speak to us about how we work and our solutions. You can't afford not to.

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